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How To Lose Belly Fat website, https://newlosebellyfat.com. Well, Belly Fat is a fat tissue deposited around abdominal organs on the mid section. It is also called Abdominal Fat or Stomach Fat.

Studies have shown that an increased amount of belly fat is associated with an increased RISK of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancers and early death.

My Little Story

Growing up I was so skinny. In fact when I applied in Military my weight was only 90 pounds. One of the Medical Practitioner told me to eat more in order to gain weight and told me to come back when I have the required weight. I am a smoker too at that time.

One day, I decided to stop smoking. It is not easy but it takes oneself determination to do it. After few years, I noticed that I gained weight and gaining belly fat too. Well, I forgot about the Military issue because I focused on something else and that is working in Industrial Plant as Operator.

With all this and having Belly Fat, I did not get any good results on my blood test.

Then follows, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol level and cancer. I normally spend some of my time researching with this type of diseases. The proper diet and exercise will help a lot to reduce health alarm levels of these diseases.

Past, Present and Future

In the past, there was probably few people who has a big Belly Fat. Nobody or maybe just few of them are suffering from cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Foods are all organic. Technology is not big in the past, no computers, and cellphones – Present is diffirent and hoping that Future is bright ahead of us.

The content that I’m going to discuss here focused on everybody’s health with a special consideration on How To Lose Belly Fat. I perhaps can help people this way to share at least basic information.

So, if anyone of you that has anything to share regarding Health, Fitness and How To Lose Belly Fat, I’m gladly love to hear it.






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