Good Health Benefits

Good health makes one person complete. There are plenty of benefits of having good health and there are a lot of bad things happen to your overall health, if you don’t. Good health benefits makes your life easier, happy and enjoyable.

A lot of young adults nowadays neglect the benefits of good health even if they know the consequences. Some people tend to lean or decided to take care of their health when they reach the age of 60. It may be late to some but, to few people they probably will just take maintenance medicine.

Good Health Good Life

The truth hurts! If, you are taking maintenance medicine whether it is for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other diseases that means something happen into your life in the past that you did not follow.

Of course, there are what some people are saying that it is in the blood. But as you grow old, you know that. It is just that you are neglecting it, and hoping that someday you will not be like them.

There will always be payback time, if we don’t take care of our health. So, what does it mean by taking care of one’s health. This includes a lot of things, from health check up to daily activities and eating healthy.

Health Check Up

This is a must for a person in order to determine your overall health and from where you will adjust. In this check up you will determine if you gain weight or reduce weight.

Health check up is done every year and if there is something wrong with your blood tests, you can expect a call from your family doctor. In there your family doctor will discuss each item on the blood test result. That’s the good thing of having yearly health check up.

Health Check Up

You see, you’re driving a car and each year you have to go to auto mechanic or to auto shop to check if your car is functioning well. While each in everyone of us had that yearly car maintenance, why some people forgot to have yearly health check up as well.

Now is the time to follow each in every aspect of our life since we have only one life on earth. While if your car broke and disabled, you always have that chance to replace it.

No human being can replace our life on earth. So hurry up, have your health check up done and follow your family doctor.

Food on the Table

It is always good to eat with your family together as much as possible. This not only prevent unhealthy eating but also prevent unhealthy cooking. The family that eat together is healthy forever. I guess so!

So now, you have your health check up and you know what are the results. You also visited your family doctor to know where to adjust, what not and what to eat and what physical activity is best for you. The problem for some people are that they don’t normally follow doctors instruction except maybe taking medicine each day.

You are what you eat as some people say.

As long as your health check up is good and as long as you eat healthy foods and having physical activities I believed that you will have an excellent health.

Daily Activities

Daily activities includes anything as long as you are moving. It maybe cleaning the house, cooking, or outside activities like walking, running, bicycling or even working out inside the gym. The main thing here is that you have to move on a daily basis. If someone is lazy moving, chances are you will get belly fat as well as other chronic diseases.

When you move and being active, you are burning calories. And as explained earlier 1 lb of fat contains 3,500 calories. If, you are burning 500 calories per day, you will get rid 1 lb of your fat in 1 week. Be active and it will be beneficial to yourself and to your family as well.

There are a lot of activities out there for you to do whether inside or outside the house. Don’t waste your time sitting all day in front of the computer, doing nothing or lying in bed most of the time.

Prepare your daily or weekly schedule that involves daily activities.

Sleeping Habits

Avoid disagreement to anybody! Pray before going to bed and in the morning when you wake up. Just give thanks, ask for forgiveness, and ask what you want.

Actually your behaviors and attitude anytime of the day, can have a major impact on you’re sleeping pattern. You can either have a healthy sleep or you can have sleeplessness. Having a healthy sleep means that when you wake up in the morning you feel satisfied and feel good. But if you have a sleepless night you can have headache, irritated, and have negative attitude in the morning.

So, if you have sleepless nights everything that you do during the whole day will all be on the negative side.

Your daily activity, the food you eat and the drinks you are taking, your medications can significantly contribute to your quality of sleep. I will not go to technicalities about sleeping, but everybody knows that stress, depression, problems can greatly affects you’re sleeping pattern.

If, you have difficulty sleeping talk to your doctor.

Be Always happy!


So much so that the food you eat and you’re sleeping habits makes you or break you.

We know that, everybody have to realize all the benefits of being healthy. To avoid blaming anything or somebody, you have to eat healthy foods, visit your doctor, make a daily activity, and have a good sleep.

Remember BMI index all the time. And take note that waistline should be 37 inches and below for men and 31 inches and below for women.

Don’t waste the energy that you gave in your life every day. Use your energy wisely and have positive attitude. Your life is the only one on earth. So take care of it.

Enjoy your life.


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