How To Lose Weight Without Exercise or Diet

It sounds weird? Maybe for some people, but the fact is everybody can do it with discipline on hand. You know, everybody likes to be slim, healthy and fit for both men and women. But the thing is some people are really lazy to start or maybe they started but in some point they stopped.

Losing weight without exercise or diet is very much possible. In this article, you can find ways on how to lose weight without exercise or diet.

Lose Weight Without Exercise or Diet

What to do:

Number 1: Drink water regularly – The fact that drinking water can help you lose weight it can also boost your metabolic rate. It can also keep your kidneys healthy. Also, drinking water flushed out toxins from your body. The kidneys used water to get rid of waste products. Well, if you don’t drink water, your kidneys don’t have the amount of fluid they need to do their job properly.

Drink water regularly

Number 2: Eat More Protein – Simple ways to increase the amount of protein include adding of chia seeds or hemp seeds to breakfast cereals or including more eggs in meal plans. Protein and fiber

Number 3: Eat More Fiber – Fiber is in fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. It is different from other foods because it does not digest in the small intestine, instead it moves to the large intestine. The benefits of fiber include slowing down your digestion, preventing constipation and increasing fullness. People can add more fiber by eating fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.

Number 4: More Sleep – Getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night can increase a person’s risk of being overweight or obese.

Number 5: Avoid Stress – When you are under stress, your tendency is to eat more or your appetite will increase leading to increase in weight. It can also trigger to eat unhealthy foods

Do You Really Need To Lose Weight?

Most people aim to lose 2 lb a week gradually.

Instill a healthy habit by taking the stairs, walking some way to and from work. This attitude will be very beneficial on your lifestyle and healthy habits.

Fast walking or bicycling a week for 150 minutes is equivalent to 30 minutes a day.

What is BMI? BMI is called Body Mass Index, which gives you an indication if you need to lose weight and how much kg or lbs you need to lose. In short, this is an indicator if you have a healthy weight versus your height.

How to measure BMI? To get your BMI, you have to divide your weight in kg by your height in meters (kg divided by m). Then, you have to divide your answer by your height again in meters. Sounds easy, right?

BMI healthy and weight ranges. 18.5 to 24.9 BMI is healthy. Below 18.5 is underweight and above 24.9 is over weight. Now, if your BMI is 30 and above, that means you are obese.

Body mass index

Lose Weight? How?

Let’s begin with fat stored in your body. When your body is in calorie deficit it will begin using your fat for energy. Right? When you use this fat you actually gradually lose weight. Maybe you did’nt notice it for a day or two, but you are actually losing weight gradually. OK?

Now, be careful if you want to lose weight. Remember it should be gradually.

We have what you call Healthy Weight Loss. So, what is it? The guidelines said that you have to lose weight of 0.5 lb to 2 lb a week and this is according to calorie deficit of 500 calories per day. Take note, that 1 lb of fat contains 3,500 calories. So, you have to lose 1 lb over seven days. Right? You have to instill discipline in order to do this weight loss.

Hey, but be careful! Although, you have a well managed calorie deficit you have to also watch your food intake.

Other things that you can do is to cut sugary beverages, use smaller plate during meals, chew more, have a healthier snacks like high fiber fruits (bananas, apples & oranges), yogurt, dried prunes or dates, high fiber vegetables, unsalted cashew nuts and walnuts.

Eating at home can also reduce fat and sugary intake. Read

Eating a healthful meal with family can also contribute on your weight management goals.

Measuring Weight Loss

Getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night can increase a person’s risk of being overweight or obese.

It’s not only the weighing scales that you need to measure weight loss. You also need a tape measure for measuring your waistline. If you lose even an inch off your waist is good for your health. Why even an inch is good? Because it reduces the amount of fat surrounding you liver, pancreas and intestines.

Weighing scale and tape measure

So, what will be the result? Liver, pancreas and intestines are some important organs surrounding your body and reducing fat in this area means that you are lessening the RISK of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Let’s get it on! Grab your weighing scales and tape measures and start losing weight. Right now!

Monitor Your Foods and How Much You Are Eating

Monitoring your foods, food intake and how much you are eating is very much beneficial on weight loss. In a few months you can measure and weigh in order to determine when you will have to make an adjustment. Yes, you have to measure and weigh everything you eat in order to see what your current diet look like. Then, adjust as required.


Everything has been said and now you have some basic idea on how to lose weight without exercise or diet. But wait there’s more. You have to develop better skills in the kitchen and actually there was a link between obesity and poor cooking skills.

There are so many ways on how to lose weight and the above information can make a positive changes.

There are also an excellent tool for weight management and that is eating with awareness.



  1. Thanks for your post. I’ve been wanting to try to lose weight and the tips you have here are great for starting off. Mostly common sense but most of us don’t do simple things like drinking enough water.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I believe you have given sound advice. I have utilized these very steps you are advocating and they work. The difficulty is being constant in following the steps. Discipline is truly the ingredient that makes long term weight loss possible. Good information!

  3. Good Article. I am on my way to diet (im fat right now) and this helped me get an idea. I heard drinking black tea with lemon , honey and cinnamon can help.

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