Treadmill Lose Belly Fat – Product Review

Treadmill is one of the most effective way to lose belly fat. With treadmill, you can burn calories faster and thus losing you stomach fat.

Belly fat responds very well to running and other aerobic exercises, and that cardio may help reduce visceral fat even more than diet or other types of exercise, and that runners can expect to see a decrease in waist size with regular sessions.

Treadmill lose belly fat faster than ever. After you’ve shrunk you waistline, running on the treadmill can keep the visceral fat away for good. In fact, exercise may keep deep belly fat from returning even if you gain some weight.

Just do the treadmill every day and you will be ok.

Electric Foldable Exercise Fitness Machine

Where to buy: Amazon.com

SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Treadmill – Electric Foldable Exercise Fitness Machine, Large Running Surface, 3 Incline Settings, 16 Preset Programs, Downloadable Sports App for Running & Walking – SLFTRD25

  • FREE DOWNLOADABLE SPORTS APP: Get connected with the ‘iFitShow’ app that pairs to you device via bluetooth connectivity. The app provides access to exercise activities and it is available for iOS / android and works with smartphone, tablet, laptop.
  • DIGITAL LCD DISPLAY: This smart treadmill features a 5″ digital LCD display screen with touch button controls that displays run time, distance, speed, calories burned. It also has grip sensors for pulse monitoring and adjustable speed up to 10 mph
  • SELECTABLE RUNNING DIFFICULTY: The indoor incline treadmill also features adjustable speed settings, 16 preset training programs and 3 manual inclined levels for runner difficulty. The running belt surface size is 43.3″ x 15.7 inches.
  • AUDIO PLAYBACK: Play you workout music via the USB flash and SD card readers with the MP3 digital audio playback function and built-in speakers for auxiliary devices. Perfect for weight loss, cardio fitness, endurance, health stamina building.
  • FOLDING STYLE: This compact lightweight slim machine is portable and foldable for easy setup / storage for a home gym. Simple electric plug in design with motorized power of 1.5 HP and integrated safety key emergency power off to cut power instantly.

Product Information

Technical Details

Item Weight – 34 kg

Product Dimensions – 139 x 68 x 126 cm

Item Model Number – SLFTRD25

Belt Size – 43.30 x 15.75 3 – Manual Incline

Display Type – LCD Screen

Weight – 34 Kg

Material – Aluminum

Number of Items – 1

Included Components – Smart Digital Treadmill

Brand Name – Serene Life

Maximum Weight Capacity – 120 Kg


Amazon Bestsellers Rank – #1 in Treadmills

Customer Reviews


5.0 out of 5 starsI am thrilled to have this treadmill

May 31, 2019

Verified Purchase

It arrived needing a little assembly. Both myself and my dog use it. I don’t use the speaker or any features but to walk and jog on it. Folding is the best part takes up a lot less room than non folding ones

Guy Savard

5.0 out of 5 starsAffordable and easy to use

June 18, 2019

Verified Purchase

Great product, was easy to use and understand

Liu Xuhui

5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome

June 30, 2019

Verified Purchase

It worked perfectly and was easy to assemble


If you have any health conditions, see you doctor before starting a running routine. Running is a high-impact exercise and can cause joint or muscle injury if you push too hard, and too fast.

To start with, just stick with brisk walking; over the weeks, including one-minute bursts of running and gradually increase the running-to-walking ratio. Make sure you shoe is made for running, and start and finish each run with a five-minute warm up of walking.

Losing More Belly Fat

Well, running is a powerful tool for fighting belly fat and you’ll get the best results with healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.

Eating whole grains, which are high in fiber, may help, since fiber helps you feel full after eating — protecting you from hunger pangs that could make you break you diet.

Whole options include whole-wheat bread and brown rice, while white bread and white rice are refined. High-stress levels and poor sleep habits may also increase visceral fat, so practice meditation or yoga, and aim for five to eight hours of sleep nightly.

Advantages of having a Treadmill at Home

  • Convenient specially if there is a bad weather. Having a treadmill at home also has the simple convenience of being able just to start working out in a matter of seconds, rather than having to drive elsewhere.
  • Safer – well you don’t have to go outside or drive somwhere just to start walking or running
  • Great for anybody on whatever skill level you have
  • You can monitor you speed, distance, time and all that, but you can also sometimes track calories burned, heart rate, and so on.

Schedule Your Workout

An excellent way to increase you chance of losing belly fat with treadmill is to use a set of program on the machine. Interval workouts, which alternate periods of moderate activity with bursts of more intense activity, can give you the motivation to push yourself to the limit and incorporate a bit of jogging or very fast walking into you exercise.

Using the incline function on the treadmill is another wise choice. If you spend 30 minutes walking up a “hill,” for example, you’ll burn more calories than if you walk on level ground.

American Council on Exercise recommends working out for at least 45 minutes at a time on five or six days per week. If you’re walking at a slow pace, you may need to put in even more time than that. When you schedule is tight and will only allow you short workouts, try to walk as quickly as possible, walk at an incline or jog for part of the time.

You may think you have to do crunches and situps to get rid of belly fat, but aerobic activity is the best way to lose fat, since it burns more calories than core and strength exercises. Core exercises will help you tone you belly to give you a sleek midsection when you do lose the fat. To accurately gauge the results of you treadmill workouts, weigh yourself and take you hip and waist measurements before starting the exercise program. Take the measurements again every two weeks; you should begin to notice changes in four to six weeks, particularly if you’re also reducing you daily calories. If you don’t see results, discuss some alternatives with you doctor.


Treadmills definitions can take on many forms, but the simple one is that, a treadmill is a machine used for walking, running, or climbing while staying in the same place.

Treadmills are typically not complicated exercise machine out there.

Having a treadmill at home also has the simple convenience of being just to start working out in a matter of seconds, rather than having to drive elsewhere.

This is great for those days when you just don’t want to have to get ready or be seen for whatever reason. The scenarios are endless.


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